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In 2020, Covid happened, which prevented all travel to the UK, so my schools visits had to stop.  However, one day life will return to some semblance of normality and I hope that I’ll be able to return to Wales and work with children and teachers again.   If you would like me to visit your school (primary or secondary) please get in touch, because I can only take a limited number of bookings each visit and I hate to disappoint schools.  My email address is below.


I have enormous fun in schools and love inspiring children.  Every child I meet has a wonderful imagination, including (sometimes especially) those with literacy problems.  I love to sit with children who have difficulty reading and writing, and type their stories as they tell them to me.  Sometimes the stories they have in their heads are so amazing that they make their classmates (and in one case the teacher) gasp!  One small boy was so inspired by actually being able to produce a story as the other children did, that he kept in touch, discovered reading and writing – and I loved that I had made a small difference to his life.


I like to bring my books for sale, always at a slightly cheaper price than they are available elsewhere.


In the past, with children from various schools, I’ve visited Caerffili Castle and Llancaiach Fawr:  talked about my research for my historical novels – and once caused something of a log-jam during a private visit to Llancaiach when a visiting class from a local school recognised and “swarmed”me! 


I have special links with three schools:  St Gwladys C.W Primary in Bargoed; Ysgol Penalltau in Hengoed and Ysgol Caerffili, who have all been such good friends for many years now.


My latest books are “Macsen and the Pirate’s Ghost”, “The Jellyfish, the Dragon and the Witch”;  “Taking the Dragon Home” and “Silent Dragon” – the last three are part of the very long “Magic Apostrophe” series:  although they can be read as a short trilogy.  All are available in paperback and e-book format from Amazon.


If I’ve visited you in the past – or I’m about to do so – please let me have feedback following my visit:  I frequently get invited back so I think I’m doing the job I set out to do, but it would be good to have some comments – and perhaps advice for other schools thinking of inviting me to visit – to put on this site.  Not only that, but perhaps your feedback will start an idea resulting in a new book!  I’d love to hear from you!


 If you have any questions, please get in touch:  my email address is sullivanjenny298@gmail.com


Rob Jones’ “World of Words” contact details are at  www.worldofwords.education











 Issue date 08/07/2021